Mindarie is an ‘Allergy Aware School’ as are most schools in the state. We can not ban allergens (nuts, eggs, milk etc) from lunch boxes as it is impossible to enforce a ban with over 800 children in this school. Children who suffer these allergies each have an individual action plan with a photograph and explicit actions for all staff to carry out, should action be needed. Epi-pens (injecting device for the delivery of adrenalin) are stored where necessary and should there be a problem staff have been trained in their use. We encourage parents to be aware that we do have children who can suffer a severe anaphylactic shock at our school.

Just for your interest, please find this on the web and look at what happens should a susceptible child be exposed to an allergen (A look will tell you a thousand words). We encourage parents and staff to consider the use of allergens and to use alternatives.