The school in conjunction with the P & C Association have fully endorsed the wearing of school uniforms for all children at Mindarie Primary School. We believe that it helps to instil in pupils a feeling of pride and empathy with their school.

The school advertises times for bulk ordering through the newsletter. Winter uniform orders are taken early in the year and summer uniform orders in second semester. The uniform shop does carry a limited amount of stock, however they cannot guarantee clothing unless you bulk order at appropriate times.

The uniform shop is run by P & C volunteers and is open on

Wednesday afternoon from 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm.

Friday mornings from 8.15 am - 9.00 am.

Note: Cash Only - we do not have EFTPOS facilities.



  • Cargo shorts or knit shorts with school polo shirt.
  • Cargo pants or track pants with school polo shirt.
  • In colder months a school spray jacket or school zip jacket with a school logo may be worn over the above.


  • A pleated skirt or ‘skort’ with school polo shirt.
  • An “A” line dress.
  • Track, ‘bootleg’ or ‘jazz’ pants with school polo shirt.
  • In colder months a school spray jacket or school zip jacket with a school logo may be worn over the above.
  • Leggings may be worn in colder months but these must be either dark blue or black and be worn under dresses, skirts or skorts.

Sports uniform for school sports including interschool sport-

  • A faction t-shirt and sneakers with shorts, pleated skirt or skort.
  • If attending interschool sport a school polo shirt must be worn.

If wearing a pleated skirt, girls are encouraged to wear black sports knickers.

Students should wear footwear that is well-fitting and firmly secured to the foot (thongs, step-in shoes, boots and platform shoes will be deemed inappropriate).  Skate shoes, ‘ugg boots’, thongs, slides or boots are not to be worn.

Sunglasses: Children are encouraged to wear sunglasses when outdoors. 


All uniform items mentioned above are available from the school uniform shop and a small selection of second-hand articles of clothing is also available.


The dress code will be reviewed on a yearly basis by the School Council and parents may have input into the dress standard by contacting any of the members of this committee.


It must be remembered that the uniform shop is run by non-paid P&C committee members who give their time for the well-being of our school. These people need our support.