A trained Community Nurse visits the school regularly to carry out routine medical checks. Parents are advised if a child appears to require attention and parents can also initiate checks for their children. In some cases teachers may refer a child to the nurse. 


Vision and hearing health appraisal. The health appraisal includes measurement of height and weight. There will also be a general physical assessment (eg. checking skin, hair, teeth etc). Posture, gait and coordination will also be observed. A health appraisal enables any issues to be identified, therefore allowing appropriate referrals to be made. 

Year 1

Health appraisal if not previously performed. Vision and Hearing. 

Year 6


Referrals for health issues can be made by parents or teachers at any time. 

It is advised that immunisations be kept up to date. If your child has recently started school could you please take special note and fill in the immunisation information on the school health card. With completed cards your child's developmental and immunisation needs can be observed. 


What's Happening This Week

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School Banking

School banking is on and deposits can be made each Tuesday morning from 8.15pm in Room TA 16 (next to the History classroom). Please collect an application form from the office Monday to Friday or from TA 16 on Tuesday mornings. It is never too late to join the school banking.

Uniform Shop

Opening times Wednesdays 2.15pm to 3.00pm & Fridays 8.15am to 9.00am  A BIG reminder please that you need to bring correct money or small notes. The uniform shop accepts donations of second hand uniforms, which are sold to raise additional money for the P&C Association.  Donations can be left at the office or at the shop during opening hours.